CSA Leadership and the Journey so far

Dave Woodfine is an ex Royal Air Force Senior Officer, he spent the last four years of his service in senior cyber defence and offence roles on behalf of the British government - Firstly as commanding officer at the Ministry of Defence’s Security Operations Centre (SOC) in Corsham, which monitors the MOD network of 500,000 devices along with the gateways to the MOD supply chain. Secondly as commanding officer of the Joint Cyber Offensive Unit based at GCHQ in Cheltenham.


James Griffiths is an ex-Army Royal Signals Senior Operator, he started as a network engineer and then specialised in information systems as a Forman of Signals, being deployed at home and overseas, often working with special forces in hostile environments. James spent his last five years of service working as an Operator providing cyber offensive capability to the UK government at the Joint Cyber Offensive Unit based at GCHQ in Cheltenham. James is exceptionally knowledgeable across the full spectrum of cyber capability and in threat intelligence.  

Consultancy: James and Dave left the military at the same time to work together as Cyber Security Consultants providing cyber advice and guidance for large corporate organisations. Their clients included the Bank of England and a large defence contractor. More recently, they have expanded their consultancy services clients to include a large FTSE 100 company, an Italian major bank and a global shipping company.  

CSA now has a growing client base of SME’s as well as large corporate companies. Dave delivers services related to operational information security including process, policy, benchmarking and governance while James oversees technical assessments, threat intelligence and monitoring solutions. CSA work closely with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) in Cheltenham to provide educational cyber security learning projects for schools. CSA’s Cyberdea training facility delivers fully immersive Cyber Security training for up to 24 students /employees with options from a Defensive Cyber Exercise to a full Capture the Flag Exercise.